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Open Cut / Trenching Method of Conduit Placement and Utility Installation

Open cut/Trenching is still a necessary, even though more invasive, method of conduit placement and utility installation. Larger diameter pipes and/or numerous conduits or cables in a single trench may require open cut trenches for the completion of projects. The open trench method is also used in areas where large quantities of utilities are present. This method is also useful for difficult or non-traceable utilities which may be hidden in the placement zone. Trenching is also useful when deeper depths or per-grade placements are required for installation.

Pavement integration is a finishing product of open cut/ trenching performed by Brooks. This means of restoring of pavement to its original integrity using an infrared heater and a binding solution. During Brooks’ work on the ITS SmartWay project for TDOT, several miles of interstate in the downtown Nashville area were repaired in 2009 with no signs of degradation.

Nashville Auger Boring

Auger Boring, also known as jack and bore, is probably the most recognizable trenchless application. It is commonly referred to as jack and bore due to the method of installation that simultaneously “jacks” casing while rotating augers within the casing and removing the excavated soil.
Auger boring is usually used for mining lengths up to about 500 feet and diameters up to about 60 inches. The machines come in different sizes and capacities. Ground conditions usually dictate how powerful of a machine is needed but the application also determines if auger boring is a suitable trenchless method. Bores less than six inches may be more suitable for horizontal directional drilling, however, for certain lines that begin and end on grade, auger boring could be a less expensive method.